Wireless Load Cell

Featuring the latest in solar cell power and wireless technology, the Bright Wireless Load Cell reduces shutdowns associated with cable failure.

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BrightIV Intelligent
VSD Controller™

Bright’s innovative brand of technology, applied to pumpjack systems. Control speed, timing, and depth of pumping while automatically balancing the beam.

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Integrated Pumpjack Control System

Artificial Lift Systems

Offering a range of choices, from control panels, to pump-off controllers, to the industry’s most sophisticated VSD controllers, Bright Automation has raised the bar for artificial lift monitoring and control. Read More

Drilling Rig Drive Systems

Offering a choice of five AC drives (750 – 6000 HP) and two DC drives (1500 – 2000 HP), Bright Automation has a proven drive for a wide range of drilling applications. Read More

Monitor and Control Systems

Combining the latest in digital electronics with easy operation and maintenance, Bright systems lead the way with advanced monitor and control capabilities. Read More

  • Bright Automation is an industry leader in the electronic monitoring and control products and systems for the energy and industrial markets, offering a broad range of advanced electronics, including VFDs, SCRs, and remote monitor and control systems.

    Bright brings an intense focus to the application of its proprietary engineering technology. With this commitment to improving efficiencies and simplifying operations, we can deliver a spectrum of advanced systems for drilling and production operations in the energy field as well as a wide range of process and industrial control applications.

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