Integrated Wireless
Load Cell/Accelerometer

Accurately measure both system load and position with a single wireless unit.

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Bright Wireless
Load Cell Adapter

Effectively convert existing conventional load cells into fully wireless load cells.

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Bright Wireless Load Cell

Solar powered, featuring the latest in wireless technology for easy installation.

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Bright Wireless Inclinometer

The built-in magnetic attachment is designed for a more efficient, wireless solution.

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Artificial Lift Systems

The leaders in providing fully wireless technology for artificial lift applications, in addition to VSDs, RPCs, inverters, and related monitor and control systems.
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Drilling Drive Systems

Our wide selection of AC/VFD and SCR drive systems are purpose-built to deliver dependable, long-lasting service with increased ease of maintenance.
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Industrial Monitor & Control Systems

We deliver the latest in digital electronics with easier operation and maintenance, leading the industry forward with advanced monitor and control capabilities.
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  • Bright Automation provides a broad, industry-leading selection of wireless equipment for monitoring and controlling artificial lift operations. With the total support of our industry experts and product specialists, Bright Automation is recognized as the proven leader in wireless technology solutions with an advanced artificial lift product line that also includes VSDs, RPCs, stand-alone inverters, and more.

    We strive to push the industry forward by helping operators optimize production and minimize downtime and maintenance requirements. In addition to our artificial lift products, Bright Automation delivers a wide range of monitoring and control systems for oil/gas drilling and industrial applications as well.

    At Bright Automation, we keep making the moves that improve efficiencies and simplify operations across the board—driving artificial lift, oil and gas drilling, and industrial operations to do more.