About Us

Leading The Way In Artificial Lift Monitoring and Control

Bright Automation is the industry leader in providing advanced, fully wireless technology solutions for artificial lift applications. Our broad range of wireless measurement systems includes wireless load cells, load cell adapters, inclinometers, and integrated load cell/accelerometers. Our artificial lift product line also includes VSDs, RPCs, and stand-alone inverters. These systems meet high industry standards for performance and dependability, while offering fast and easy installation.

With the added benefits of wireless systems from Bright Automation, operators can eliminate problematic issues related to cable damage and downtime—minimizing loss and reducing the long-term costs associated with routine maintenance or repair.

Drilling Applications

When it comes to drilling applications, we offer SCR and AC/VFD control systems, as well as video monitoring solutions. With a strict focus on unmatched customer service, our team of product specialists are always on hand to offer professional service and support for a wide range of products that accommodate an array of drilling operations.

Industrial Applications

We strive to help companies improve efficiencies and simplify operations, while greatly reducing installation time, maintenance and repair costs, and production downtime. Designed for the industrial market, Bright Automation provides control systems that serve a variety of industries including mining, manufacturing, and downstream oil and gas processing.