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Artificial Lift Products

From the simplest to the most sophisticated, artificial lift control systems from Bright Automation are engineered to meet a wide range of operator and industry needs. Easy to install, maintain, and operate, all Bright systems are designed to optimize production as well as reduce power consumption, manpower requirements, and equipment wear.


Bright Wireless Load Cell

A wireless upgrade that replaces conventional load cells, the weather-resistant Bright Wireless Load Cell is faster and easier to install and maintain. Featuring a solar panel to generate power with battery backup, this wireless load cell effectively reduces the risk of shutdowns associated with cable failure or other related equipment errors.
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Bright Wireless Inclinometer

The Bright Wireless Inclinometer accurately measures position and provides operators with real-time updates. Fully wireless for easy installation, the featured built-in magnet attaches the inclinometer directly to the top of a walking bream, while the durable body construction protects the unit from harsh weather and oilfield conditions.
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Bright Wireless Integrated Load Cell & Accelerometer

Designed for artificial lift applications, the Bright Integrated Wireless Load Cell/Accelerometer accurately measures and monitors both load and position in a single wireless unit. This unique device is not prone to downtime associated with cable failure, eliminating cable maintenance, repair and replacement costs.
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Bright Wireless Load Cell Adapter

The Bright Wireless Load Cell Adapter is designed to convert existing conventional load cells into fully wireless load cells. Combining practical functionality with high-end performance standards, this load cell adapter is not only fast and easy to install, but effectively reduces the costs associated with routine maintenance and repair.
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Bright I Controller™

Designed to optimize operations that improve efficiency and production, the Bright I Controller gives operators reliable timed run, stop and start controls. The durable construction withstands even the most challenging environments, yet is still easy to install and provides peak energy management capabilities.
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Bright II Rod Pump Controller™

The Bright II Rod Pump Controller provides advanced remote monitoring and control. This controller can automatically regulate intermittent pumping modes, adjust running and idle times for optimized production, detect failures in sensors and downhole pumps, and notify operators of changing conditions that affect custom-set parameters.
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Bright III VSD Controller™

The Bright III VSD Controller is a versatile solution that uses self-programming algorithms to automatically adjust between intermittent and continuous pumping modes. This feature virtually eliminates operator involvement beyond setting basic parameters, while optimizing productivity, power usage and equipment performance.
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