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Drilling Rig Drive Systems

AC/VFD Drive Systems: BAC 1500

Designed to work with 2-1600 HP mud pumps and 3-1087kw diesel/gen sets, the BAC 1500 HP control system is an AC VFD control system with a maximum hook load of 3500KN. It consists of the drilling control system, mud pump control system, instrumentation, MCC and power supply system, TV monitor and talkback system and management computer system. Like the BAC 750, the BAC 1500 can operate the process control function independently, and then work with other systems to provide total integrated control.

BAC 1500 Control System Elements

  • Drilling Console
  • VFD Room
    • Generator control system
    • AC VFD drawworks control system
    • AC VFD rotary table control
    • AC VFD mud pump control
    • WB-AD-B main motor auto-drilling control system
    • Hydraulic pressure, pneumatic control system
    • Integrated instrumentation system
    • MCC and power supply system
  • PLC control system
  • TV monitor and talkback system

BAC 1500 Features

  • Redundant control system for optimal reliability
  • WB-AD-AB main/auxiliary motor auto-drilling control system for improved drilling quality
  • Precision drawworks operation provided by load-balanced, four motor drive
  • Rotary table anti-reverse and overload auto-protection
  • Integrated drilling console for simple connectivity to other drilling equipment
  • Integrated instrumentation system
  • Integrated computer-based management system