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Drilling Rig Drive Systems

AC/VFD Drive Systems: BAC 6000

Designed specifically for the 12,000 meter well, the BAC 6000 Integrated Drilling Control System is an AC VFD system with a maximum hook load of 9000 KN. This redundant system is based on computer control, a digital vector VFD control program, and net technology, while the drawworks is controlled by a high-precision, load-balanced four-motor drive.

BAC 6000 Control System Elements

  • Drilling console
  • VFD house
    • Fully Digital Generator Control Cubicle
    • AC Drive Drawworks Control System
    • AC Drive Rotary Table Control System
    • AC Drive Mud Pump Control System
    • WB-AD Automatic Feed Drilling Control System
    • Hydraulic Pressure, Pneumatic Control System
    • Integrated Instrumentation System
    • MCC and Power Supply System
    • PLC Integrated Control System

BAC 6000 Features

  • Drawworks
    • 4-Motor Structure Changing Control
    • 4-Motor Load Distribution
    • Dynamic Speed Power Control Of Drawworks
    • Intelligent Drilling Well System
    • Constant Drilling Pressure Automatic Drilling — Main Motor
    • Constant Drilling Pressure Automatic Drilling — Auxiliary Motor
    • Redundant Control System
    • Redundant CPU
    • Redundant Network
    • Redundant Power Source
    • Redundant SoftStart System
    • Redundant Control Drilling Console
    • Output Via Electromagnetically Operated Console
    • Structure Changing Control (?)
  • Control Change Driven by Multi-Motor has been operated for 9000m
  • Integrated Instrumentation System