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SCR Drilling Control Systems: BDC 1500

The BDC 1500 SCR Drilling Control System is a digital 1500 HP DC drive control system with a maximum hook load capacity of 5000 lbs. The BDC 1500 is a sophisticated drilling control system which can operate independently or as part of an overall drilling control system. This system includes a mud pump control system, MCC and power supply system, TV monitor and talkback system, and computer management system. Designed to work with 3-1600 HP mud pumps and 3-1200kw diesel/gen sets, the BDC system features redundancy control for optimal reliability.

BDC 1500 SCR Control System Elements

  • Drilling console
  • SCR house
    • Digital SCR drawworks control system
    • Digital SCR rotary table control system
    • Digital SCR mud pump control system
    • Auxiliary motor auto-drilling control system
    • MCC and power supply system
    • PLC control system
    • TV monitor and talkback system
    • Generator controls
  • Integrated instrumentation system
  • Integrated computer-based management system
  • Solids extraction control system
  • Integrated drilling console for simple connectivity to other drilling equipment