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SCR Drilling Control Systems: BDC 2000

The BDC 2000 SCR Drilling Control System is a digital 2000 HP DC drive control system with a maximum hook load of 5000 lbs. It consists of the complex drilling control system, mud pump control system, MCC and power supply system, TV monitor and talkback system, and computer management system. Designed to work with 3-1600 HP mud pumps and 4-1200kw diesel/gen sets, the BDC system features redundancy control for optimal reliability. This sophisticated system can operate independently or as part of an overall drilling control system.

BDC 2000 SCR Control System Elements

  • Drilling console
  • SCR house
    • Digital SCR drawworks control system
    • Digital SCR rotary table control system
    • Digital SCR mud pump control system
    • Auxiliary motor auto-drilling control system
    • MCC and power supply system
    • PLC control system
    • TV monitor and talkback system
    • Generator controls
  • Integrated instrumentation system
  • Integrated computer-based management system
  • Solids extraction control system
  • Integrated drilling console for simple connectivity to other drilling equipment